Sunday, January 25, 2015


Last December, the eagerly awaited Mikado Café opens its doors in Al Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi, bringing an array of Japanese dishes infused by western and European ingredients to residents within the capital. Delectable baked goods, desserts and specialist homemade mochi ice creams are complemented by the finest assortments of traditional Japanese teas in addition to a stylish sushi bar for a unique, truly authentic experience. 
Stunned by the gorgeous wooden interior, modern outtake of a usual Japanese restaurant, impeccable lanterns that brings up ambiance a soft feature with the beautiful silver balls hanging on the ceiling, its all about chicness at its finest.  
Be amaze at the Sushi Bar, as the talented Mikado Sushi Master do their culinary skills in front of you, For those seeking a savoury option, a modern sushi bar offers a special menu. Internationally renowned, Japanese Executive Chef Fabio Nakazato delights guests with a wide variety of Sushi, Sashimi and Maki freshly prepared to order with top grade, premium ingredients. Additionally, a beautifully designed chef’s table area with a private entrance provides an exclusive setting for guests to host a private meal or intimate celebration with colleagues or loved ones.
Mikado Café offers perfect beverage pairings with the highest quality graded selection of Japanese teas to arrive in the UAE. These include Sencha; sourced from the Shizuoka and Makinohara regions of Japan and Bancha; a more astringent and less fragrant blend that is a great combination with daily sweet treats.

We started with this tender juicy tuna and salmon sashimi that taste so divine as it looks, Oishi!  
A mouthful of sushi rolls will always a fab choice and add that wasabi for a bit kick of flavour 
Oyakodon for my main course, a traditional Japanese cuisine -  rice bowl filled of chicken strips and other spices for flavorings, on top of that is raw egg that fries itself due to the heat of the bowl! how cool is that?!
Enjoying our sumptuous shrimp tempura soup

Soredewa tabete mimashou! (Let's eat in English)
Exquisitely crafted breads and pastries are baked to perfection daily by Head Pastry Chef Angelica Brioschi and Head Baker, Chef Yoshio Nishiyama. Guests can enjoy favourites as well as unusual authentic delicacies such as savoury Japanese Loaf Bread and Rice Powder Loaf Bread or indulgent sweet Green Tea Biscuit Bread and Almond Chocolate Croissants. Signature Japanese infused desserts are available such as Matcha Roll Cake; a light green-tea sponge rolled with whipping cream and red berries, Dorayaki; a traditional Japanese pancake and Yuzu Tart; a zesty, fruit delight amongst a wide variety of pancakes, waffles and even Toblerone Crepes.
A little bit of indulgence with this Mikado desserts!

Absolutely a must visit place in the UAE's capital, if you are looking for the impeccable place with a stunning interior design, Japanese cuisines with a European touch, outstanding customer service, then head down to Mikado Café located at Al Hana Tower, Khalidiya
Al Sayegh Group is creating this homegrown concept especially for the needs of UAE residents. Of the opening, Group Executive Director Mr. Mansour Al Sayegh said: “It is our vision to bring finest Japanese bakery and menu items to the capital and expand across the region. With a collaboration of esteemed chefs, authentic recipes and seasonal ingredients we are set to provide guests with an unparalleled culinary experience.”

Who will not enjoy dining if the people surrounds you is having sweet smiles sweeter that sugar
World- class customer service that will definitely meet your satisfaction at its finest!

Opening Hours 8am – 11pm, Seven days a week
Location: Al Hana Center, Al Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi 
Reservation number: 02 667 7557 
Instagram: @Mikadobakery

Saturday, January 24, 2015


 A week ago i hosted a event and stylish competition in collaboration with Brooks Brothers as they celebrated the grand opening of their newest flagship store in the UAE's capital biggest shopping destination, Yas Mall. During the event which was dated last 19th of January, i was dressed from top to bottom by Brooks and i brought my laptop with me which is safe and sound with my gorgeous KAIZER Wittet Croco Biz Case that completed the whole outfit. 

 Looking so sleek, dapper and smart with impeccable bag from Kaizer that carries my MacBook Air and other blogging essentials that i always use whether i am out about in meetings and events. I've been searching for this kind of bag for a long time and finally got one suitable for my exceptional style.   
 Kaizer today has evolved as a global lifestyle brand with its premium collection of handcrafted Italian leather accessories and German writing instruments. Kaizer was founded on the fundamental premise of offering their patrons products of unsurpassed quality, handmade by craftsmen with a family history of craftsmanship, spanning across three generations. 

 Every Kaizer product is as much a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, as it is an exquisite statement of taste. Even while bearing a high functionality quotient, the Kaizer collection incorporates the latest style trends and targets an untapped niche in the premium value retail segment.

What i wore: Suit, Shirt & Tie (Brooks Brothers), Bag (KAIZER), Shoes (Zara)

Friday, January 23, 2015


 I am a certified coffee lover and as a blogger it is my energizer to keep me on the go. I am so privilege to be invited at the grand launch of the Aussie café The Coffee Club in Abu Dhabi's biggest shopping & dining destination, Yas Mall. Australia's largest grown café restaurant launches in conjunction with the brand's 25th Anniversary, that serves more than 40 million cups of coffee every year and has officially opened the very first branch in the UAE.   
 The Coffee Club is well- known for its famous all day breakfast and serves as a relaxed meeting place for approximately 30 million annual customers.  And indeed, a very cozy ambiance welcomes us last 21st of January together with other media personalities. So delighted with the modern contemporary set up, impeccable interior design and ofcourse the huge variety of coffee that they offer.     

Inaugurated by Liwa Minor Food and Beverages joint venture board members Mr. Abdulla Nasser Al Mansoori, the Chairman of the Board at Al Nasser Holdings and Group, Mr. Michael Chick, General Manager, Liwa Minor Food and Beverages LLC

 After the ribbon cutting we had the chance to taste some of the best of the best from Breakfast to Dinner menu and tried different kind of coffees. We will definitely come back here for sure!  

Since opening its doors in Brisbane in 1989, The Coffee Club has become Australia’s largest home-grown café group with more than 360 cafés throughout 9 countries. Our mission and philosophy is simple, at The Coffee Club we want to provide: Good Food, Great Service and Excellent Coffee; A welcoming relaxed meeting place enriching contemporary lifestyles; and, the answer to “Where will I meet you?”

The Coffee Club is owned by Minor DKL Food Group; a leading Australian retail food brand franchisor with a combined 410 restaurants in 11 countries, currently open at the Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi with a second branch scheduled to open in the upcoming Wasl Vita Mall in Dubai.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


 Style is the extension of your personality, the essence of having a significance of your individuality, living the life without boundaries, expressing oneself and not trying hard to blend it but to stand out among the crowd, Live Now! Aero Now! 
 Portering around Dubai Creek wearing Aeropostale from top to bottom in our recent collaboration with the amazing apparel brand, together with some of the younger generation fashion bloggers in Dubai.  

As the weather get cooler and cooler now in the UAE its time to take a notch in updating our wardrobe, and here are some of the pieces that i put together to create a impeccable style - The Style Choreo's style. Dapper, preppy yet comfy this winter season, no boundaries when it comes to prints over print, that amazing aztec pattern jumper & belt are irrevocably intertwined with the white dress shirt under and slim trouser add to that is my signature cuffed pants style, throw on this camo sneaks matching the dope timepiece and to top it all a navy utility jacket will complete the look.  

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